Camel Expeditionary, a manufacturer of military tent products, was recently awarded a new five-year, $50 million contract with the Defense Logistics Agency.

Under the contract, Camel will produce light maintenance enclosure (LME) structures, primarily for use by the United States Army. These tents are designed for all-weather use and typically house military vehicles, including high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV or Humvee) and M1 Abrams tanks, the main battle tank of the Army and Marine Corps.

In a collaboration with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Camel helped develop these LME structures in 1999 and has been the primary producer ever since. In addition to use for vehicle storage and maintenance, the tents can be modified for use as laundry facilities and general storage needs.

A contract of this size and scope will allow Camel to grow. As a leading employer in Campbell County, this contract impacts the surrounding region as well as the organization.

“We are truly pleased to make this announcement, especially for our local community,” says President and CEO Mark Riffle. “This contract means we will be able to expand our production capabilities and our staffing.”

“We know this helps us create a strong foundation for future growth, in our company and in our local economy,” Riffle adds. “We plan to be in full production for this contract by the end of this year.”

Camel currently employs 125 people living in Campbell, Anderson, Scott, and Knox counties, and hopes to add 12 more as a result of this contract.

“Citizens from across Campbell County are proud to work for such a dynamic company that provides solutions around the world,” says E.L. Morton, mayor of Campbell County. “These contracts are won because of the quality that is sewn into Camel products and because of Camel’s dedicated leadership team. The impact of such a strong manufacturer in our community is tremendous.”

“With Camel’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic these past two years, that impact has been even greater,” Mayor Morton adds. “Camel is meeting the need on the battlefield and in clinics and hospitals across America where portable shelters are needed most.”


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