* SHOW CANCELED – Please see our virtual trade show booth presentation.

Camel Expeditionary will be an exhibitor at Modern Day Marine in Quantico, Virginia, from September 21-23, 2021.

Modern Day Marine is the largest Marine exposition featuring products, services, and technology designed to enhance the activity of the U.S. Marine Corps. Exhibits and presentations are designed for decision-makers in the Marine Corps, as well as other military and government personnel. Modern Day Marine is held on Marine Corps Base Quantico, home to Marine Corps Systems Command, allowing industry to interface with those purchasing equipment and defining military systems for the future. Nearly 500 vendors and 8,000 attendees are expected from all service branches and the defense community.

Camel Expeditionary is proud to be an industry partner of the USMC and looks forward to exploring opportunities with purchasing officials and other decision-makers in person to help them better meet their responsibilities. Camel is focused on the needs of the Corps’ logistics as the future calls for mobility from fixed infrastructure to expeditionary bases. Through development and innovation, Camel is outfitting the Armed Forces with rapid deployment shelters that are adaptable and ready for quick response.

Camel actively supports the Marines’ mission by providing capabilities to conduct operations immediately upon arrival. These shelters are durable, easy to set up and strike, and provide year-round comfort with HVAC and Extreme Weather Liner options. In addition, Camel’s product line includes light systems, map boards, power distribution boxes, and other accessories. From expanding a four-person crew tent to erecting a large shelter complex, Camel’s uniform connection system enables any size of custom build, even an entire base camp.

Camel Expeditionary is the nation’s longest continuous producer of military tents and has manufactured over 750,000 military and commercial tents and 50,000 chemical protective apparel items.

Camel’s Expedition Hub RDS will be set up at Booth #317 along Bealleau Wood Highway next to the Briefing Center and K-9 exhibit.