First Responder

For any emergency, Camel has you covered.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes and challenges, Camel Expeditionary has worked diligently to create innovative solutions. Our commercial shelter lines developed out of our military expertise, addressing the needs of local first responders, law enforcement, and medical personnel. These tent systems have housed essential workers, created additional medical facilities, and provided pop-up vaccine clinics as needed. Local law enforcement agencies have also found them to work well as semi-permanent structures for training facilities and shooting ranges. Because our manufacturing systems are flexible, we can custom design a system to meet your requirements.

Explorer Hub

Explorer Hub

The Explorer Hub is the ultimate in standalone or connective flexibility. Choose your own four-wall configurations and expand in each direction in 16-foot increments. The entire Explorer Series is designed to grow with your mission with add-ons like generators, HVAC units, lighting, and hygiene or hazmat shower solutions.

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