expedition series

Expedition Hub


Shelter Highlights

  • stand-alone or centralized structure
  • lightweight frame
  • easy to erect
  • seamless, watertight transitions
  • multi-configuration connections
  • rugged and durable

Works With

  • any Expedition Series shelters
  • all of the Explorer System
  • Extreme Weather Liner
  • Camel HVAC
  • other brand RDS
  • add-on assets like monitor brackets


meets U.S. Military guidelines for:

  • USIFI-PRF-44103
  • USIFI-PRF-20696


  • Green 483
  • Desert Tan 459
  • custom options

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Setup-Up & Strike Team

  • 3 person minimum / 4 preferred 
    < 30 minutes
Expedition Series Expedition Hub

Made For:


The Expedition Hub gives you the flexibility to set up a stand-alone tent or develop a centralized space for your growing complex. Up to four strategic connection points are accessible in this design.


*The Expedition Series has not gone through any MIL-Spec testing to be referred to as Military.

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Tech Specs:

Expedition Hub Specifications

Overall Dimensions

(length, width, height)

22.03 x 22.03 x 11.30 ft (6.71 x 6.71 x 3.44 m)
usable area 473 ft2 (43.94 m2)
internal volume 3795 ft3 (107.46 m3)
with insulation 3100 ft3 (87.78 m3)
Shelter Weights
SXHUB 743 lb (337 kg)
SXRPXHUB 1053 lb (477 kg)
Shelter components
WINDOWS (8) 38 x 38 in (96.52 x 96.52 cm) Hook & loop closure, roll-up tie-offs, and vector mesh screen
ECU Duct ports (8) 16 in (40.64 cm) Diameter with elastic sock
Doorways (4) 48 x 84 in (121.92 x 213.36 cm) Double-zippered closure with double-sided hook & loop connection boot
Wind line tie off points (8) Frame hardpoint connections with seatbelt strap
insulation air gap vent (1) Per end wall with hook & loop closure
Usable area 441 ft2 (37.16 m2)
Height at peak 10 ft (3.05 m)
doors 1 / wall
Windows 2 / wall
Ecu Ducts 4 sets
Snow and Rain Load
SNOW | 10 lb / ft2 (48.82 kg/m2) RAIN | 2in / hr (50.80 mm//hr)
Wind Rating
Sustained winds of 65 mph / 75 gusts (104kmh / 120 kmh
Total Packed weight: 800 lb (362.9kg)

Camel Expeditionary rapid deployment shelters are engineered to give you maximum flexibility. With our uniform connection system, you can build new structures like an entire base camp, medical facility, or expand an existing shelter. All solutions are compatible with previously manufactured Camel models as well as tents from other brands. An award-winning track record and over 100 years of success go into every Camel Expeditionary product. We’ve got you covered, so you can focus on your mission.