Camel Expeditionary hosted its annual Veterans and Employee Appreciation Day featuring a flag folding ceremony and 21 gun salute by the Campbell County Honor Guard. After the ceremony, Camel employees, the Honor Guard, and guests enjoyed a BBQ lunch.

Camel President and COO, Mark Riffle, presented the Campbell County Honor Guard with a donation and accepted a plaque from the Honor Guard thanking Camel Expeditionary for its support.

Riffle also expressed appreciation to his team for all that they’ve accomplished through the pandemic.  The company kept its doors open 100 percent of the time and has done a lot to support essential operations with its mobile tent systems. In addition, they were recently awarded a renewal of a large contract with the military. He is proud of the way Camel is growing and gaining new business.

Campbell County Mayor E.L. Morton also recognized Camel Expeditionary employees and the importance of their work on a global scale.

“We are proud of our mission serving those who serve,” Riffle said.